UX Design


Fitbit Screen Time



Our hyper-connected culture is spending more and more time looking at electronic screens, and this is having detrimental effects on our society. ScreenTime is a feature integration concept geared towards the health-conscious user who wants to reduce their exposure to smartphones and  increase their activity levels, improve sleep, and be more mindful of their surroundings.  


Our research data is consistent with published reports; American adults are spending an average of almost 11 hours a day looking at digital screens. Most screen time is spent on computer monitors at work or school. After that, mobile is the screen of choice. 67% of people screened say they spend most of their time gazing at smart phones during evening hours.

Key Takeaway

After long days staring at computer monitors, adding personal screen time equates to an average of 11 hours a day.

User Interviews

Users we interviewed are aware of the health risks associated with excessive screen time. As such, they’re open to increased awareness and behavioral changes to help limit their exposure.

Problem Statement

People need a way to monitor and control their exposure to digital screens in order to improve overall health.